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Liquid Dream III (Mac / Linux Version)
This guide was written based on an Ubuntu 10.04 installation running WINE 1.2.2, I can only assume it works the same for other Linux distros and Mac.

1) Make sure you have WINE on your system (the newer the better). Ubuntu users can get it through the repositories, other users check with WineHQ.

2) Using Winetricks, install Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 and Windows Media Player 10. (Select default wineprefix --> Install a Windows DLL or component)

-To start Winetricks (assuming you have it installed), open a terminal and type "sh winetricks". If your WINE installation didn't come with Winetricks, check with their website for information on how to get it for your distro.

-After .Net 2.0 finishes and 3.0 begins, the installation box will minimize to the taskbar. You may have to right click to show it again. If the install fails, try again as long as 2.0 has already been installed correctly. Ignore the "fixme: failed to parse" messages in the terminal, they are workarounds.

3) Install Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 and download mstts22L.exe: Speech SDK 5.1.

4) Install Liquid Dream III (version 3.1.1). Currently, the latest version is not compatible with WINE (by using only this guide, at least).

5) Download this file:

-Extract it into your WINE installation's "C:\Program Files\lucidcode\Liquid Dream III\" and replace the existing file. If you get a permission error, extract to the desktop first then move to the Liquid Dream folder

6) Fire it up and see what happens.

Known bugs:
  • You WILL receive an error, probably after you save your first dream and restart. ("A generic error occured in GDI+") but it is not fatal, just hit enter or click ok. This pops up a good bit.
  • Pie charts do not work (clicking on an entire category such as "objects").
  • Monthly graph does not work.
  • You will be asked to save changes every time you click away from a dream.
  • REM Cycles helper does not work.
  • Things under Checks, Subliminals, and Readings sections may or may not display after you have already looked at one of them. Try restarting the program.
  • Subliminals and Readings ARE functional, even if they don't show you the text preview/edit before hitting Play.
  • Checks are based on Microsoft Agent (Merlin) and I haven't found a way to integrate this. You can still view the text.